Dog for Sale.
15 months old, lovingly raised,
Bodoni is the best dog you can have!
Sorry, Abhisek just outbid you! His bid is Rs. 10,000. Try again, you fool! :-)
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Bodoni is not so cheap, minimum bid value is Rs. 10,000
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Jimmy Wanchoo
25 mins ago
Ruhi Gupta
45 mins ago
Saloni Mehta
1 hour ago
Meenakumari-like alluring eyes
Strong, well exercised legs
Short, anti-knocking-glass-stuff, tail
Gorgeous Coat, 3X stronger
with Garnier Shampoos and Conditioners.
Given only the best Food
Fed soft, juicy chicken, boiled eggs, misal pav, Starbucks Coffee, King's Beer, occasional caviar and champagne.
Bathed using top quality women's products, including Pantene Pro V, Fiama Di Wills, Vicco Turmeric, Forest Essentials.
Well Trained
"Sit Down", "Shake hands", "Hi 5", "Attack", "Bite", "Scare", "Snatch"... responds obediently to all the common commands. Very useful for conducting robberies.
Low Maintenance
Doesn't need bones to chew. Bodoni is happy chewing Nike/Adidas sneakers and Zara/Jimmy Choo footwear.
Compact, Travel Size
Height: 1.5 ft | Length: 2.5 ft. Easily fits in gym bags to carry around. Foldable, for easy transport.
Car / Bike Trained
Comfortable sitting on Royal Enfield Bullet and Luxury Cars. Needs air conditioning in summers.
4 Reasons to buy Bodoni
Makes a great Brand Ambassador
Beard Design chose Bodoni as their Brand Ambassador over plasticky models like Aishwarya Rai, Bipasha Basu... More expressive than top Bollywood beauties.
Arty, Snobbish Name
Named after the great 17th century Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni.
Great around kids
Will teach important life lessons to your kids: running for your life, being brave when attacked viciously.
Very Social
Makes friends easily. Once abducted a neighbor's kid to play with, Kidnapping charges not pressed because of her cuteness.
Bodoni is the best! With her around, I don't need to go to my Zumba classes. She makes me run around the whole day.
Ankita Shinde
Designer, Beard Design
She drinks tea! What more could I ask from a dog? And she has proper manners. Never asks for milk or sugar in tea.
Snigdha Manchanda
Founder, Tea Trunk
Bodoni is a Multi Utility Dog. A great stress-buster, garbage processing unit and scape-goat for all things broken.
Robin Dhanwani
Manager, Beard Design
Grab Bodoni before she slips away from your hands!