A cryptocurrency for Dog Owners

Let little Tommy earn money for you, just by digging.

Unbelievably simple, remarkably elegant.

The technology behind Bocoin is a synthesis of findings of comprehensive research and large-scale experiments by organisations such as RBEYE, Federer Serve, Creeptography Institute and the Funny Bone Center. Our break-through was in tying all this research together in a remarkably elegant interface.

Smart Collar:

Connected to the Internet. 24x7


Keeps track of your dog's digging and transmits real-time data to the cloud.


Activated only by the smell of your dog. If it's stolen, your Bocoins are safe.

Companion App:

Our companion BoApp collects real-time digging data from the BoCollar, adds it to the Block Chain and updates your account in real-time using patent-pending cryptogeometric algorithms.


Our proprietary Cloud Computing Platform syncs all the digging from around the world, across breeds, OSes and platforms. Reconciling the block chain every 10 ms, it keeps your account updated in real-time, so you can reward your dog for the efforts in real-time.

Dogs as an Asset Class

Global Leaderboard:

Top diggers around the world.

Currency Comparison:

Bocoin is set to become the world's raspberry (p)reserve currency.

Bocoin Vs. Everyone:

Outdated human and technology based currencies will perish against the might of the dogs.

Digging is the new Mining:

Deeper you dig, richer you get. Simple!

This changes everything. It is the beginning of a new era.


Vet, Ph.D, Er. CA, Betim

Finally my human will value me. And get me some of those yummy prawns.


German Sheperd, Germany (duh!)

Internet of Dogs is such a brilliant idea! Love you guys!


St.Bernard, The Kennel