Wanted Suitable Match for
Cultured, Slim & Fair Dog


Gender: Female
Father's Name: Giambattista
Grandfather's Name: Firmin Didot
complexion: Hazelnut Brown
languages: Gujarati, english, konkani, marathi
preferred diet
preferred transport
favourite song: Who let the dogs out
favourite movie: puss in boots
favourite actor: aBHAY deol
favourite shampoo: garnier anti - frizz
hobbies: Chewing shoes & slippers
responds best to: “Hi5” “Bite” “Attack”

My Dowry! Yippee!


The Perfect Bride

Well pedicured nails. Great for scratching
itchy backs.

Short, anti-knocking-glass-stuff, tail.

Gorgeous Coat, 3X stronger with Garnier
Shampoos and Conditioners.

Broad minded multiracial dog with Russian,
German and Italian roots.

Meenakumari-like alluring eyes.

A dazzling smile with
42 razor sharp, shiny teeth.

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